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High Purity Graphite Molds


Conventional composite molds, usually crafted from metal, face challenges when dealing with intricate shapes and composite materials due to mismatched thermal expansion coefficients. Graphite has become the preferred material for molds due to its favorable physical and chemical attributes. Jitai offers a wide selection of custom high-purity graphite molds, effectively lowering per-part costs for our clientele.

Graphite, a crystalline form of carbon, boasts the following attributes:

  1. Exceptional thermal and electrical conductivity

  2. Highly resistant to chemical corrosion and non-reactive with various metals

  3. Low thermal expansion coefficient and excellent thermal stability

  4. Superior lubrication and wear resistance

  5. Thrives in high-temperature environments (commonly used in sintering processes above 800°C), with strength increasing at elevated temperatures

  6. Excellent machining properties, suitable for complex mold shapes and precision applications.

  1. Continuous and semi-continuous casting of non-ferrous metals benefit from graphite due to its excellent thermal conductivity and self-lubricating properties. This ensures precise ingot size, smooth surface, and uniform crystalline structure, boosting casting speeds, yield rates, and product quality.

  2. Pressure casting molds, particularly for non-ferrous metals like zinc and copper alloys, leverage artificial graphite for automotive part production, offering reliability and efficiency.

  3. Graphite molds excel in centrifugal casting, with US companies utilizing them for casting bronze bushes, bushings, and sleeves with wall thicknesses exceeding 25mm.

  4. In hot pressing molds for cemented carbides, artificial graphite facilitates pressure sintering by reducing unit pressure requirements at elevated temperatures (1350-1450°C), enabling rapid and dense sintering.

  5. Graphite molds are indispensable in glass molding, facilitating the production of various glass forms such as tubes, elbows, and funnels.

  6. Sintering molds, including those for diamond sintering, benefit from artificial graphite's low thermal expansion, enabling precise fabrication of brackets for transistors and supporting the semiconductor industry's advancement.

Comparison of Performance Among Commonly Used Mold Processing Materials and Composite Materials


Bulk Density


Thermal Expansion Coefficient











Carbon Fibre/Epoxy



Glass Fibre/Epoxy




Over the years, we have perfected our multi-step process to ensure that each component passes rigorous quality and functionality tests, starting from the initial stages before raw materials are even acquired. Upon arrival, raw materials undergo an acceptance sampling method to determine acceptance. If accepted, the entire shipment is thoroughly cleaned, inspected, and any minor imperfections are addressed before warehousing. Following initial assembly and brazing, each product undergoes individual visual inspection and a preliminary hermeticity test, adjusted to meet our clients' stringent air tightness requirements. Subsequently, after the plating stage, each batch undergoes sampling inspection and coating bonding degree analysis. Products passing this stage then undergo a comprehensive inspection, evaluating appearance, construction, plating thickness, and a second hermeticity test. Furthermore, they undergo a series of Factory Inspection trials, including pin fatigue tests, salt spray corrosion resistance tests, and climate simulation equipment analysis for performance assessment. Approved products are individually vacuum-packed with deoxidizing desiccant inserts and additional protective packaging before shipment, ensuring consistent high-quality delivery, reflecting our commitment to maintaining product integrity from our factory to your hands.

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