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Jitai produces parallel seam-welded nickel-plated lids, employing 4J42 alloy and stainless steel. These materials are adaptable to various base sizes, tailored to meet specific user needs.

Jitai specializes in manufacturing parallel seam-welded nickel-plated lids, utilizing a combination of 4J42 alloy and stainless steel, adaptable to various base sizes based on user specifications. Typically, two thickness options are available: 0.25mm and 0.40mm, with the sealing edge thickness ranging between 0.10-0.15mm. Our lids are crafted using a chemical etching method.

For plating, we offer the following options:

  1. Electroless Nickel-Phosphorus plating, with a P content of 12%.

  2. Sulfamic acid Nickel base with Gold plating.


Over the years, we have perfected our multi-step process to ensure that each component passes rigorous quality and functionality tests, starting from the initial stages before raw materials are even acquired. Upon arrival, raw materials undergo an acceptance sampling method to determine acceptance. If accepted, the entire shipment is thoroughly cleaned, inspected, and any minor imperfections are addressed before warehousing. Following initial assembly and brazing, each product undergoes individual visual inspection and a preliminary hermeticity test, adjusted to meet our clients' stringent air tightness requirements. Subsequently, after the plating stage, each batch undergoes sampling inspection and coating bonding degree analysis. Products passing this stage then undergo a comprehensive inspection, evaluating appearance, construction, plating thickness, and a second hermeticity test. Furthermore, they undergo a series of Factory Inspection trials, including pin fatigue tests, salt spray corrosion resistance tests, and climate simulation equipment analysis for performance assessment. Approved products are individually vacuum-packed with deoxidizing desiccant inserts and additional protective packaging before shipment, ensuring consistent high-quality delivery, reflecting our commitment to maintaining product integrity from our factory to your hands.

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