Microwave Packages

Applications Phased array radar systems, millimeter wave imaging, satellite communications, remote sensing and other fields.

Technial parameters


Kovar, tungsent-copper, copper oxide, etc





Impedance ratio


Insulation resistance

500V DC, insulation resistance between single lead and housing 1×1010


Air leakage rate1×10-3Pam3/s


Housing structures for microwave packages are divided into one-piece and two-piece brazed options. One-pieced structures are formed by machining which offer flexible design while two-piece designs are typically produced by manufacturing the frame and base separately and then brazing them into a single structure. The base utilizes materials with good heat dissipation qualities such as tungsten-copper. These products are ideal for high frequency output devices, filters, and resonant circuits.

At Jitai, microwave packages are integral to our operations. We offer a diverse range of RF packages with extensive frequency capabilities, ensuring high frequencies, thermal capabilities, and hermeticity requirements are met cost-effectively. Our state-of-the-art facilities enable us to design and produce fully customized solutions for various markets. With an in-house plating department proficient in electroless and electrolytic processes, we oversee the entire production process, guaranteeing precise delivery of our clients' designs.


Over the years, we've meticulously refined our multi-step process to ensure each component passes stringent quality and functionality tests, starting before raw materials are even received. Initially, raw material shipments undergo acceptance sampling to determine acceptance, followed by thorough cleaning, inspection, and minor imperfection rectification before warehousing. Subsequently, after initial assembly and brazing, each product undergoes individual visual inspection and a preliminary hermeticity test, employing a helium leak test tailored to meet our clients' air tightness requirements. Post-plating, each batch undergoes sampling inspection and coating bonding degree analysis. Products that pass this stage undergo full inspection, including scrutiny of appearance, construction, plating thickness, and a second helium tracer gas hermeticity test. Following this, products undergo a range of Factory Inspection trials, including pin fatigue tests, salt spray corrosion resistance tests, and climate simulation equipment analysis to assess performance. Once approved, products are individually vacuum-packed with deoxidizing desiccant inserts and additional protective packaging before shipment, ensuring consistent high-quality delivery.

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