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Hazards And Control of Hydrogen in Hermetic Metal Packages

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The composition and presence of gases within sealed electronic devices and components in electronic systems exert a profound influence on their performance, longevity, and reliability. Their presence can result in detrimental outcomes, such as diminished performance and lifespan of electronic components. Notably, hydrogen-induced device failures stem from: (1) hastening the corrosion of electronic devices, (2) triggering oxidation, short circuits, and component burnout, and (3) causing hydrogen poisoning of GaAs chips, leading to significant deterioration in chip and device functionality. Thus, controlling the internal hydrogen content is pivotal, particularly in metal packaging.

The main sources of hydrogen gas inside the metal interlayer are: (1) hydrogen gas introduced into the metal interlayer manufacturing process itself; (2) processing, sintering and welding are carried out in an environment rich in hydrogen gas; (3) hydrogen gas is generated in the galvanizing process of pouring metal sheets.Despite efforts to minimize hydrogen introduction, complete avoidance of these processes is impractical. As the metal housing is packaged and utilized, the released hydrogen within the housing gradually accumulates due to the hermetic seal preventing its escape. This accumulation can lead to device malfunction. Consequently, measures must be implemented to mitigate the hydrogen content within the metal housing.

Currently, a common approach involves prolonged baking of the electroplated metal housing within a nitrogen atmosphere to eliminate adsorbed hydrogen in the packaging material.

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