Sensor Packages

●Hermeticity: Must adhere to an airtightness requirement of ≤1×10-3Pa·cm3/s, as confirmed during fluctuating high-pressure testing.
●Insulation: Lead-to-housing insulation resistance must be ≥1×109Ω.
●Bonding: Inner wire bonding.
●Solderability: Shell surface should exhibit properties conducive to easy solderability.


Sensor headers must endure harsh environmental conditions, including mechanical pressure, thermal shock, and vibration, while ensuring the internal delicate electronics maintain consistent data transmission. Typically utilizing compression sealing methods, these products are designed to withstand high-pressure environments, up to 3000 bars, making them ideal for applications requiring such resilience, such as environmental monitoring, medical, and automotive sectors. Jitai's stainless steel brazing facilitates the formation of highly reliable GTM seals, ensuring consistent performance even in challenging conditions involving repetitive actions, irritants, and acids.

Product Design

To facilitate welding with the outer housing during operation, the base of the stainless steel pressure sensor tube is usually rounded. Sensor packages typically comprise three components: the housing, pins, and glass insulators. The components are joined and sealed at elevated temperatures using the glass insulators. Refer to Table 1 for the main materials used.






Stainless Steel/Low Carbon Steel/4J29


Glass Insulator






Over the years, we have perfected our multi-step process to ensure that each component passes rigorous quality and functionality tests, starting from the initial stages before raw materials are even acquired. Upon arrival, raw materials undergo an acceptance sampling method to determine acceptance. If accepted, the entire shipment is thoroughly cleaned, inspected, and any minor imperfections are addressed before warehousing. Following initial assembly and brazing, each product undergoes individual visual inspection and a preliminary hermeticity test, adjusted to meet our clients' stringent air tightness requirements. Subsequently, after the plating stage, each batch undergoes sampling inspection and coating bonding degree analysis. Products passing this stage then undergo a comprehensive inspection, evaluating appearance, construction, plating thickness, and a second hermeticity test. Furthermore, they undergo a series of Factory Inspection trials, including pin fatigue tests, salt spray corrosion resistance tests, and climate simulation equipment analysis for performance assessment. Approved products are individually vacuum-packed with deoxidizing desiccant inserts and additional protective packaging before shipment, ensuring consistent high-quality delivery, reflecting our commitment to maintaining product integrity from our factory to your hands.

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