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Established in 1998, Jitai boasts over two decades of expertise in crafting premium hermetic packages and components, making us a leading manufacturer in China. We specialize in metal encapsulation, glass-to-metal seals and related components, overseeing the entire production process through an in-house plating department and a strict seven-step quality control approach. Our dedicated R&D team continuously innovates, resulting in nearly two dozen domestic patents and countless satisfied clients. Recognized as a National High-tech Enterprise, our team of 200 employees, including over 50 engineers, technicians, and researchers, operates within a cutting-edge facility, ensuring quality remains our paramount focus from conception to manufacturing.

Jitai’s Quality Control Methodology

Jitai implements a comprehensive quality assurance and control system, seamlessly integrating from raw material procurement to product delivery. This guarantees that our products consistently adhere to the strict standards of the hermetic package industry.

Onboarding of Raw Materials

Inspection of Raw Materials
Our dedication to quality begins prior to storing raw materials. Using the acceptance sampling method, materials undergo random quality inspections. Upon acceptance, the entire shipment is cleaned, thoroughly inspected, minor imperfections are addressed, and then warehoused.

Assembly and Brazing

Thorough Visual Examination and Initial Hermeticity Testing
Following the initial assembly and brazing stages, each product undergoes individual visual inspection, succeeded by an initial hermeticity test.


Our quality control process includes
Sampling inspection to assess coating bonding degree.
Inspection of finished products.
Comprehensive Product Evaluation
 This entails assessing appearance, construction, plating thickness, and performing a secondary helium tracer gas hermeticity test.

Factory Inspection

We conduct a pin fatigue test, salt spray corrosion resistance test, and employ climate simulation equipment to assess product performance.

Packaging and Transportation

Each product undergoes individual vacuum packaging with a deoxidizing desiccant insert, followed by wrapping in bubble wrap. These meticulous steps ensure that every Jitai product maintains its high quality from factory to delivery.
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