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Mid-autumn Conversazion for College Studuent in 2020

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On September 29, 2020, Jitai Electronics Co. Ltd. hosted its annual Mid-Autumn Conversazione for college students, a cherished tradition within the company that provides newcomers with an opportunity for personal growth.                                          

The focus of this gathering centered on insights from Jack Ma, the founder of Alibaba, particularly his emphasis on "emotional quotient, intelligence quotient, happiness quotient," and the profound notion that "emotion decides fate" and "situation decides destiny." College students within our company offered their perspectives and reflections based on their understanding of these concepts.

Attendees approached the conversation with earnestness, making thorough preparations, particularly the young college students who bravely shared their opinions. These comments were carefully evaluated by the company and served as a basis for various aspects such as job assignments, salary increments, performance recognition, and fostering excellence.

As the conversation drew to a close, Jun Ma, the chairman of our company, reflected on the challenges faced amidst the external market conditions of 2020. Despite the adequate order quantity, the company was burdened with formidable tasks and confronted numerous difficulties and challenges. Jun Ma encouraged both seasoned employees and new college recruits to continue leveraging their talents, applying their knowledge and experience with unwavering enthusiasm, and adopting a proactive approach to address complex issues and uphold the company's goals. He wished everyone a joyful holiday season and emphasized his hope for continual progress and development within the company.

This conversation not only provided a platform for young college students to exchange ideas and strengthen bonds but also instilled in them greater confidence and determination to establish themselves within the company's culture.

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