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Top 5 Transistor Outline Packages: Key to Modern Electronics

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Transistor outline (TO) packages are fundamental components in the electronics industry, providing reliable housing for transistors and other semiconductor devices. These packages ensure protection against environmental factors while maintaining the electrical performance of the components they encase.

This article delves into five popular TO packages: TO-5, TO-18, TO-39, TO-46, and TO-56, exploring their unique features, applications, and benefits.

TO-5 Headers

The TO-5 header is one of the most widely recognized transistor outline packages in the industry. Known for its compact, cylindrical metal can design, the TO-5 package is renowned for its durability and reliability. Typically featuring three leads, the TO-5 package is used to house small transistors and diodes.

Applications: The TO-5package is often employed in military and aerospace applications due to its robust construction and ability to withstand harshenvironmental conditions. It is also utilized in commercial electronics where reliability is paramount.

Benefits: The TO-5's metal can design offers superior protection from moisture, dust, and other contaminants. Furthermore, its compact size enables effective heat dissipation, essential for preserving the performance and lifespan of the electronic components it encases.

TO-18 Headers

The TO-18 header is another popular transistor outline package, noted for its small size and cost-effectiveness. This package is typically used for housing small signal transistors and is prevalent in consumer electronics and communication devices.

Applications: The TO-18 package's small size makes it perfect for use in portable electronic devices where space is limited. It is commonly found in radios, amplifiers, and various other low-power applications.

Benefits: The TO-18 package provides a reliable, low-cost solution for housing transistors in a wide range of electronic devices. Its small size does not compromise its ability to protect components from environmental factors, ensuring reliable performance over time.

TO-39 Headers

The TO-39 header is similar to the TO-5 package but slightly larger, offering more internal space for accommodating complex circuits. Like the TO-5, the TO-39 package is made of metal and provides robust protection against environmental stresses.

Applications: The TO-39 package is commonly used in applications that require better heat dissipation and more room for components. This makes it suitable for high-power transistors and other semiconductor devices in industrial and commercial electronics.

Benefits: The larger size of the TO-39 package allows for improved heat management, making it ideal for applications where thermal performance is critical. Its durable construction ensures that the housed components are well-protected from external elements.

TO-46 Headers

The TO-46 header is designed for high-frequency applications and is often used in RF and microwave devices. Its compact size makes it ideal for miniaturized electronic systems that require precise performance and reliability.

Applications: TO-46 packages are frequently used in telecommunications, medical devices, and other high-frequency applications where space is limited, and performance is crucial. They are particularly useful in optical communication systems and laser diodes.

Benefits: The TO-46 package offers excellent protection and performance despite its small size. Its metal can design ensures that the internal components are shielded from environmental factors, while its compact form factor allows for use in tightly packed electronic assemblies.

TO-56 Headers

The TO-56 header is designed for high-power applications and is larger than the TO-5 and TO-39 packages. It can accommodate more substantial components, making it suitable for power transistors and diodes that require efficient heat dissipation.

Applications: The TO-56 package is commonly used in power electronics, including power amplifiers and high-power transistors. Its sturdy design guarantees reliable performance in applications that produce large amounts of heat.

Benefits: The TO-56 package provides superior thermal management, essential for maintaining the performance and longevity of high-power components.Its robust construction safeguards against environmental damage, making it a dependable option for demanding applications.

The Significance of TO Packages

Transistor outline packages play a crucial role in the electronics industry by ensuring the reliability and performance of semiconductor devices. Each type of TO package offers unique benefits tailored to specific applications, from the compact and cost-effective TO-18 to the robust and high-power TO-56.

Dimensions and Compatibility: The standardized dimensions of TO packages ensure compatibility with various devices and systems, making them versatile solutions for housing electronic components. For example, the TO-5 typically measures 8.1mm in diameter and 6.5mm in height, while the larger TO-56 can measure up to 16mm in diameter and 10mm in height.

Sealing and Welding: TO packages commonly include hermetic sealing to guard against moisture and contaminants.Sealing methods such as glass-to-metal seals and welded seals provide airtight protection, ensuring the longevity of the components inside. Welding techniques like laser welding offer precise and reliable sealing, crucial for high-reliability applications.


Transistor outline packages, including the TO-5, TO-18, TO-39, TO-46, and TO-56 headers, are vital for protecting and ensuring the functionality of semiconductor devices. Each package type offers unique advantages tailored to specific applications, from consumer electronics to high-power industrial devices.

With their robust construction, reliable sealing, and standardized dimensions, TO packages continue to be a cornerstone in the design and manufacture of reliable electronic components.

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